here's to breaking hearts all around the world.

love is an adventure

hot girlfriend. hotter ex.

this calls for a girls' night


babe, you're fierce as hell

rain or shine, you're no longer on my mind

whatever the weather, we're not getting back together

you can't rain on my parade anymore

it's time to trust the magic of new beginnings

he said "I miss you" and I said, "I bet you do"

with my bff by my side, i can handle anything

i call the shots, babe. don't you forget it.

ex gf classic sweatshirt

hate to burst your bubble, but we're not getting back together

"Dump Him, Sis" sweatshirt

"dump him, sis" Sweatshirt

"Dump Him, Sis" Sweatshirt

he said, "where ya moving?" I said, "onto better things"

forget him. Go write your business plan.

saw my ex after a few years. he asked, "miss or mrs.?" I replied "doctor."

see you in hell, babe tee

"well, at least pizza won't cheat on me" tee

"tell your boyfriend I said hi" sweatshirt