Hi Gorgeous, Welcome to Ex-Girlfriend Material®

Our Mission 

Our company was founded with a mission to empower women everywhere and to promote healthy, happy relationships. We celebrate the single life, and we help heal broken hearts with humor. After all, anytime you can find humor in a difficult situation, you win. 

Here at Ex-Girlfriend Material, we encourage all women to find happiness and independence outside of your love life--regardless of whether you are single, married, divorced, engaged, or in any form of a romantic relationship or not. We believe that making the following five goals a priority in your life will help you find happiness and independence that no one can take away from you: (1) Find a hobby outside of work and exercise that you enjoy, and dedicate time each week to it. (2) Make your mental health a priority. (3) At least once a week, spend quality one-on-one time with a friend or family member. (4) Continue to educate yourself, maintain your skills, and always maintain your ability to earn income, even if you aren’t working or don’t need to work right now. (5) Travel as often as you can. 

When you shop with Ex-Girlfriend Material, you are supporting more than a business-- you are supporting women all over the world become independent, happier versions of themselves through the sisterhood and empowerment this brand holds.